Craft Flavor Add Ins For Limitless Frozen Treats

Set your soft serve treats, frozen beverages and more apart. Discover the new Frostline Crafted Collective™ portfolio of five leading-edge flavor add-ins. It all starts with your favorite vanilla soft serve (ahem, preferably ours), and then add one of our on-trend flavor packets to the mix. From emerging sweet heat to the latest boozy notes, our culinary team has created trending flavors to help you extend your menu with variety and innovation.

Versatility Plus

The Frostline Crafted Collective™ portfolio of flavor add-ins amps up the on-trend appeal of everything from soft serve twists to frozen beverages to hard pack ice cream. Experiment! Just start with one SKU of simple vanilla soft serve dry mix and then extend it however you want with your choice of today’s hottest flavors.
You can do more with less!

The Art and Science of Delight

Directions: For use with Frostline® Premium Dairy Vanilla Soft Serve/Shake Mix.*

1. Prepare a bucket of Frostline® Vanilla Artificially Flavored Soft Serve Mix D400-C4000 or Frostline® Premium Dairy Based Mix according to product instructions. If using the Frostline® Premium Dairy Based Mix, add 1 additional quart of water.

2. While stirring vigorously using a wire whisk or immersion stick blender, add contents of 1 entire pouch (1.75LB) of flavor mix until completely dissolved.

3. Freeze liquid product in soft serve machine. (If using Frostline® Premium Dairy Based mix, also freeze in shake or hard pack machine).

Soft Serve, Hard Pack, Shakes, Frozen Yogurt, and Beverages
are all a breeze with the diverse array of Frostline Crafted Collective™.

With Frostline Crafted Collective™ dry mix flavor packets and our premium vanilla dry mix, you can deliver deliciousness without the cost, refrigerated storage issues and packaging waste of liquids.

Less Waste

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